Verses from Bharat- Unplugged, a collaboration with Pratik Gulati

1. I gaze stars in the daylight,

Like my dreams

Saying hello from the future.

~ Asna Azhar


 Don’t you know
I have spent an entire
Lifetime waiting for you?
I drank cups after cups
To illuminate the dark corners of my heart.

~ Asna Azhar



“Khair se lambi rato ko,
Roshan kia hai mitti k chirago’ ne.”

~ Asna Azhar


“Mitthi k khurak na bulo,
Laut k Isi mein tumhe samana hai.”

~ Asna Azhar.


“To kia hua agar na hui
Koi magroor si  koi khwaish puri meri,
Mein bachpan ka zamana je khol k jee aya hu.”

~ Asna Azhar.


“Jism bh kabhi panah mangta hai thakan se,
Par yeah pait k khwahsien bahut hai.”

~ Asna Azhar


Dwelling in each other’s arms
They have found a relationship of eternity.

~Asna Azhar



“Har traf jab they kantey
Tu meri gaud mein phool k tarah khil gya.”

~Asna Azhar


“Kissey to bahut thy mayusi k,
Par mere hatho ne kabhi thamna nh Sikha.”

~ Asna Azhar


 “They have seen not the misery but the realities.

Meet them not and know not

The truth for which the earth was thrown to revolve in this universe.”

~ Asna Azhar


I fall into the stream of delusions,
To rise with concrete conclusions.

~ Asna Azhar.


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Trails to follow
And destiny to unravel,
I wander alone
to behold all that
I can, to decorate the Ceiling of my home.

Playing roles and roles
I forget what it is to be
Like a woman.
Wearing Kohls and lip colours,
Having flowers in my hair
Making a home to relax.

At dawn,
I knew not it all.
Unless when I get crushed
Into your arms
I feel like a woman,
Once again.
All adoration came back
With your touch.

© Asna Azhar

© Asna Azhar.


Edited by TAS Editorial Team

Image Credits: Abiha Mehdi


With your curls

How often I have come to

The threshold of falling out of this universe,
But the labyrinth of your
Beholds a dire charm
For life.
How often I came across the woman in streets,
Laughing and chattering,
In exile, I think of you
Like a mist of fallen dew.
That curve spread on
Your face,
With your eyes staring into oblivion.
I think and I think of you
Measure me not with my words,
You come to me as my unrhymed poetry at midnight
Settling the sorrows,
Under the moonlit sky
Holding the paradox of universe
I fall in love with you.

~ Asna Azhar


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The Unmmaried Bride

The Unmmaried Bride- A Photo series by Sayan Acharya

“Tum aye nahi jane kis wajah se

aur mein thami reh gayi jane kis wajah se,

Mehndi rachi thi bahut gehri,
sabne kaha mohbhhaat bahut hai tumhe mujhse,
par aye nahi tum jane kis wajah se…
Yeah jhumhar aur nath pehni mene jab
pehli dafa toh socha tumhe bahut pasnd ayengi
aur meri ankhon mein lagaya gaya surma
gehra-gehra k jo tum in mein kho jaogy
to meri gesu’on k khuhbsoo leyanengi
kheech k tumhe merey labo tak
magar aye nahi tum jane kis waja se…
Gajrey meri zulfon se murjha k ghir gaye
jaisey patjrad mein mayus patien khucley gayein
tum aye nhai jane kis masuam k wajah se
aur mein thami rahi gayi barish k wajah se.”
~ Asna Azhar

The Unmarried Bride is a Photo series by Sayan Acharya

Model: Aastha
Co-Photographer: Annwesha
Poem – Asna Azhar