Trekking and Mountaineering, read the history and differences.

The Mountain Knights


Himalayan Trekking and mountaineering were never the way we see it happening today. Since the medieval era tribes and communities have been walking on foot up hill with loads on there back and cattle along. These tribes shifted from lower altitude to higher altitude with their families and cattle seasonally   with the aim to sustain their living ,which basically depended on cattle. these groups made temporary camps and settlements before shifting further up. Meadows covered with grass during pre monsoon to autumn attracts these tribes well known as Gujjars , Gadis and Bakarwaals. Even today in 21st  century the practice prevails..The way we see it today, trekking was introduced to the world by  colonel jimmy Robert ,  of british army during 1960’s during his stay in  Nepal. The demand of the supplies to the troops in the mountains of Nepal was met with the help of…

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Fever and pride.

Because they say,’never out of fight’, Read Fever and Pride 🙂

The Mountain Knights

“How is it going Tenzing?”

“Aah!  Fine, this boy is too slow, what about you?

“My client is pathetic but he is pushing himself well”.

“Who is he?” pointing out at me visually he asked Tenzing.

“He is a friend, just met him on the way.”

His client reaching closer he resumed his descent along with his client.

We were about 200 meters below the shoulder that lead towards the summit of stock Khangri (6153 meters).

My two teammates from Poland were already on the shoulder of the peak. The third one was ahead of me and the fourth was behind me. I was in no hurry to move ahead. The pace was good and I was enjoying the company of the rugged boys of Ladakh I met on the way with their clients. I was also in no mood to leave Pawel behind although he would have reached the…

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